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February: Jonas Fricke

New Work From Jonas Fricke


Gallery5, 200 West Marshall Street, Richmond, VA

On View February 3-24, 2017

Gallery5 is excited to present a showing of new work from Vermont-based artist Jonas Fricke. Gallery5 will host an intimate soft opening reception on Thursday, February 2nd from 6-9pm, followed by a larger opening on Friday, January 6th as part of the Art District’s First Fridays Art Walk. The Friday opening party will feature musical performances from local musicians, as well as special musical puppetry performances from Fricke, performing under the moniker If Not I Than Who Then, of his shows Baggage: The Musical and What Ever. The gallery show will be on view during gallery open hours (Wednesdays 4-10 and Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 11-5, weekly) and by appointment through February 24th.  



Jonas Fricke is a visionary painter, printmaker, musician, performance artist, organizer and creative facilitator hailing from southern Vermont. Currently on a tour of the United states with his experimental puppet show entitled “Baggage; The musical” which he will be performing at the opening of his show at Gallery Five. He has been singing and banging on things, transforming and decorating spaces since he was born in 1981. Since then, he has lived primarily in Brattleboro Vermont, Asheville North Carolina and Gainesville Florida, creating & performing prolifically, working with creative collectives, and building community art/performance spaces such as “The Tinderbox” and “The Future Collective” in Vermont.


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Fricke has exhibited multiple times a year for over a decade in galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, performances spaces, bars, info shops etc and throughout the world in people’s homes. Jonas is always experimenting, juggling mediums. He finding ways to live creatively and flexibly, making it possible to tour the United States almost yearly to spread his visionary self-styled musical performance art he calls “radical courage music”. He performs under the name “If Not I Than Who Then” and is always accompanied by a traveling art gallery consisting of suitcases packed with vibrant inspirations of his sold at accessible prices.   Jonas was always profoundly inspired by the revolutionary work of  “Bread and Puppet Theater” and was deeply creatively nourished by attending their internship and making connections with the international community of puppeteers, musicians, activists and artists involved. For the past six years he founded and worked with “The Future Collective” in Vermont,  creating and promoting performance events, curating art shows, and orchestrating a multiple day “Future Fest” four years in a row.  He has been instrumental in creating and maintaining the community “Brattleboro Printmakers” shop and has been hard at work making fliers, printing on fabric and exploring the medium of printmaking.    


          Fricke’s work has a loud graphic style and a exuberant love for color, which he uses to propel and build complex and graceful energetic images, full of allegory and power. On his web site www.jonasfrickeart.com he says “for three decades I have used creativity as a walking stick. I believe whole heartedly in the ability of artwork and creative pursuits to start fires of meaning, illuminate paths of quandary and curiosity, inspire change, make life more colorful and vibrant, as well as inspire others to live more creative lives. I work in many mediums and use art as an exploratory process of continual revelation lead by fascination. My images function as illustrations of the experience of consciousness and the adventure of the human condition.”


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