Poetry & Comedy

Gallery5 has featured dozens of local and traveling comedians, poets and improv performers and we are proud to now be the home of Richmond’s very own Richmond Comedy Coalition.

The Richmond Comedy Coalition is a collective of young comedy veterans dedicated to mixing traditional and experimental forms of comedy into smart and hilarious shows. Be amused, Richmond. Be very amused.

Those who founded the RCC run their operation with one philosophy fueling them; if it’s not entertaining, funny, and fresh, they don’t do it. It’s their integrity in their art form that they hope will push through the barrier of JUST putting on shows in to building a thriving scene in Richmond. They look to cities like NY, Chicago and Austin who’ve created successful markets for locals who want to see great live comedy and think; why not here?

The group debuted in June of ’09 with their show, SHUTUP AND LAUGH, playing to a house of friends, improv die-hards, and a handful of uninitiated strangers at art6 gallery. Since then their charisma, extreme good looks, modesty, and talent have helped them pick up steam, continuing with a barrage of shows that have landed them at Gallery5.

Although the group itself is new, the performers are anything but. Comprised of a core ensemble, The Richmond Comedy Coalition’s members have a strong background in improv comedy. They’ve trained and performed all over the country and abroad (especially if you count Canada) doing what they love. Naturally, improv is their comedic weapon of choice, which is why in every one of their shows you’re going to get at least a taste of it. It could be a set of fast-paced short-form improv like MTV’s Wild N Out, or it could be a 25-minute long exploration of reality fueled by a one-word suggestion alone. They’re constantly exploring and pushing within the ensemble, and as mutations of it in their house teams that perform regularly, each with their own flavor.

They don’t keep their shows self-contained, however. Their revolving door of local performers includes standup and sketch comedians, all masters of their own crafts, bringing something unique to their lineup. It’s all about making awesome shows and putting something for everyone out there…which harkens back to their original objective of building a scene with the best comedy in Richmond. Boom, full circle. RCC.

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