Past Exhibitions

Exhibitions 2016

November: Andrew H. Shirley’s WASTEDLAND


Gallery5, 200 West Marshall Street, Richmond, VA November 3 – 26, 2016

Gallery5 is pleased to present Andrew H. Shirley’s touring exhibition and film Wastedland 2 (31 min/ Color and B&W/ 2016) . The film will exist as a centerpiece to a group show transforming Gallery5 into a decaying post apocalyptic graffiti wonderland composed of interactive kinetic sculptures and site specific text pieces made from contemporary artists who also stared in the film. This bold exhibition falls amid the fall art season at Gallery5, with a preview on Thursday, November 3rd, at 7pm, followed by a lively First Friday opening from 6pm to 12am on Friday,

November 4th During the First Friday opening we will be showing the film in its entirety -with screenings of the film on the big screen at 6:30 / 7:30 / and 9:07 pm as well as having Unstoppable Death Machines (NYC), Dumb Waiter and Gull perform. The exhibition continues to be available on Thursdays and Saturdays from 11am-5pm or by appointment until November 26th.

Exhibiting artists include: Adam Void, Amanda Wong, Amy Smalls, Andrew H. Shirley, Conrad Carlson, DARKCLOUDS, EKG, George Vidas, Greg Henderson, NOXER, RAMBO, Ryan C. Doyle, UFO 907, William Thomas Porter, and WOLFTITS (plus graffiti installations from local Richmond artists)

About the film:


Amoeba (played by Adam Void) and Wolftits encounter the UFO together in a field (Still from Wastedland 2.)

-“A new Wizard of Oz for the Anarchist Street Youth.” Charlie Ahearn Director of Wild Style

-“Unreality has made an unexpected narrative incursion into the usually predictable world of Graffiti Art or maybe this is Graffiti’s break-in into the abandoned back lot of the Brothers Grimm.” Bill Daniel Director of Who is Bozo Texino? : The Secret History of Hobo Graffiti and author of Mostly True.

In a post apocalyptic world, the last few remaining inhabitants are the spirit animals of graffiti writers. Three solitary nomadic vandals (played by: Wolftits, Avoid, and Smells) cross paths while on the hunt of the meaning behind the abandoned landscape’s prevailing enigmatic artwork left behind by UFO. Roaming from one decaying zone to the next in a never ending search for beer, weed, and a wall to paint, these artists form a pact with the rest of the desperate survivors (played by Rambo, Noxer, EKG and others). Through the practice of their ritualistic art- they will seek to attain truth and ultimately receive the answer to the question of their futility- “what’s the point?”

The film was made possible in part from a residency with Clocktower Productions in New York City.


The Overlord (played by NOXER) offers the UFO to the group as a “transmission conductor.” (Still from Wastedland 2).

Written & Directed by Andrew H. Shirley Director of Photography David Vlasits Edited / VFX By Lee Eaton
Artwork by UFO 907

Musical Score by Craig Andersonic
Music by Unstoppable Death Machines and Others About the artist:

As with the original Wastedland (10 min/ B&W / 2008), for Wastedland 2 (31 min/ B&W and Color/ 2016) Shirley asked many prominent graffiti artists to create costumes and masks in the likeness of what they believed to be their spirit animals. Then, using the same landscape the artists typically employ as a backdrop for their work, they traveled from the Catskill mountains of New York to Black Mountain, North Carolina- filming in squalid buildings and freight train yards along the way, illegally. The mystical theme of the seeker was incorporated into the process of production, letting the film write itself from narrative exploration, chanced encounters, and unscripted improvisation.

Andrew H. Shirley finds an obsession in living experimentation. His multi disciplinary artwork has appeared in PS 1, Museum of Sex, McDonald’s International, and Vogue and has had films screened at festivals in over 300 cities worldwide. As a social architect, he has curated the underground into public institutions such as the Brooklyn Academy of Music to a secret treehouse gallery in upstate New York. Though primarily nomadic, he sometimes resides in Brooklyn / NYC, with his cat Myrtle.


Gallery5 501 c3
Watch the trailer here:


September: Signal Flare | Mickael Broth

Signal Flare

Mickael Broth

Gallery5, 200 West Marshall Street, Richmond, VA

September 2 – 24, 2016

Gallery5 is pleased to present “Signal Flare,” the first solo exhibition of work from contemporary artist, Mickael Broth at Gallery5. This exhibit launches the fall art season at Gallery5, with a preview on Friday, September 2nd, from 6pm to 8pm, followed by a lively First Friday opening from 8pm to 12am. The show continues until September 24.


Mickael Broth is Richmond­ based artist, muralist, and writer. Broth moved to Richmond in 2001 with the intention of painting as much graffiti as possible. Mickael’s involvement in vandalism was halted abruptly with an arrest in 2004. Subsequently a ten­-month jail term followed. Since that time, he has gone on to pursue a successful and active career in the arts. Mickael was awarded a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Professional Fellowship in 2008 for his gallery work and has shown widely around the United States; from museums and galleries to alternative spaces and abandoned buildings. Mickael’s work is held in numerous public and private collections. Broth has painted nearly one hundred public murals throughout Richmond and the United States during the past five years in addition to helping curate multiple public art festivals. Through his mural work, Mickael has been commissioned by dozens of clients, from small local businesses to international corporations. Broth has been an active member of the community, working with youth art groups through Art 180 and Petersburg Area Art League, as well as leading volunteer groups in conjunction with HandsOn Greater Richmond, in addition to contributing work to multiple non­profit organizations. Mickael is the co­founder of Welcoming Walls, a project dedicated to bring large-­scale public art to the highways and gateways of Richmond Virginia in an effort to boost civic pride, tourism, and the city’s reputation as a capital of creativity. In 2013, he published Gated Community: Graffiti and Incarceration, a memoir detailing his experiences with vandalism and jail. In 2016, Mickael was awarded a CultureWorks Building Capabilities Grant to assist in the construction of a dedicated studio space.

Mickael’s current body of work engages in geometric abstraction. Initially serving as an about-­face to his years of narrative pen and ink drawing work, these pieces are infused with a chaotic energy and allusions to creation, destruction, and rebirth. Brilliantly colored line, shape and abstract geometric patterns unite, floating on an infinite blackness. The mirror­-like surface reflects one’s own image, integrating the viewer within the works of art. The geometric forms expand beyond the confines of cut paper and collage, taking shape as paintings composed of multiple panels, configured as kaleidoscopic bursts of radiant color and saturation.

Mickael Broth’s interdisciplinary work has been shown in many solo/two-person exhibitions including Black Iris Gallery, Larkin Gallery, Larkin Gallery, Forage Space, Artisphere, Double Break Gallery, Rare Device and ADA Gallery. Mickael has also participated in an impressive number of group exhibitions that includes Glave Kocen, The Fridge, Work|Release, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Slingluff Gallery, Masur Museum of Art, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art and Turchin Center. Mickeal has had two residencies including Tom Tom Founders Festival in Charlottesville, VA. and Artisphere in Arlington, VA. His commissions include Altria, Rutter Family Art Foundation, Charlottesville Area Transit, Garmin International, RVA Street Art Festival, and Mellow Mushroom.

Signal Flare is curated by Nicholas Crider.

For additional press images or other information, contact Nicholas Crider at (804) 510-0488 or

August: Double Rocket

August: Double Rocket

Awesome View is pleased to invite you to “Double Rocket,” the launch of our future-focused creative collective. In addition to new solo works by Andrew Indelicato, Todd Raviotta, and Bryan Unger, Awesome View will be presenting their first ever-collaborative immersive mixed media environment. To maximize one’s otherworldly post-digital experience, we encourage all guests to bring selfie sticks and ample storage space. This immersive exhibition will open August 5th at 6PM until 11:30PM and remain available for viewing Thursdays and Saturdays from 11AM to 5PM until August 27th.

Andrew Indelicato

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Indelicato received his BFA from Virginia commonwealth University in 2011 where he met fellow Artist Bryan Unger. After VCU Andrew went on to obtain his Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Georgia in 2015, where he fell in love with geometric space,gradients, and painting. After teaching in South Carolina for a brief period he now lives and works in Richmond, Virginia.

“I’m interested in complex yet subtle interactions with the use of line in my work. I’m fascinated with how a line can dart in and out of forms but still capture the gaze of the viewer. In this case, the line sits atop an organic structure which acts as a foundation for the work. In turn, I’m interested in how this space can be recontextualized and manipulated to make graphic forms and complex models for our views of the universe.”

Andrew Indelicato @indieclip87


Andrew Indelicato, “Guided Passage Through the Matrix” acrylic on wood panel, 2016

Todd Raviotta

Born in New Orleans in 1978 Todd Raviotta came to Richmond from Northern Virginia in 1996 to study at VCUarts. He received his BFA 2001 and MFA 2004 from the Virginia Commonwealth University, Photography and Film Department. Raviotta started teaching Film Studies and Digital Video at Maggie Walker Governor’s school in 2001. Finding the creative community of RVA a home to his art experiments in film and video making, Todd has continued to produce work in multiple mediums. Merging his interests in drag shutter photography, animation, movie making with the photomontage process and while painting with light, and glitter in the mixed media polish prints. Experimental documentations of transforming creative arts in addition to narrative work, music videos and accomplished digital editor working under the banner of Natural Science Productions.

“Exploring cut and paste work off of the computer, an outlet for appreciation of artists in the pop realm, long admired part of life’s soundtrack. The work is a mediation of how content is transmitted and received digitally while being made from magazines deconstructing how it was disseminated in the past.” – On the Pop Culture Collage Project

“Out of experiments in drag shutter photography where the saturation of color in digital light paintings make a single frame movie in an image. Glitter nail polish lacquer with different reflective particles suspended in nontraditional medium enhances print portraits of artists in their creative act. The polished glitter prints are an ongoing series begun in December 2010.” – On the Polish Prints series

Todd Raviotta (@naturalsciencetrav)


Todd Raviotta, “Long at VMFA” digital photograph, 2011

Bryan Unger

Bryan Unger was born on July 4,1985 in Lynchburg, VA, moved to Midlothian in 1988, graduated from MLW Governor’s School in 2003, and earned a BA in Art History from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts in 2012. His passion for art theory led to creating works exploring personal philosophies concerning the future of art. Cosmic blends of fluorescent spray paint went digital when he taught himself how to make GIFs – building blocks for live visual performances. Bryan has spent the past two years maximizing the creative potential of his iPhone.

“The work in “Double Rocket” is my first presentation of paintings, digital images, and video works simultaneously in a gallery context. I am interested in exploring various scales of immersive mixed media environments as catalysts for selfie-reflection.”

Bryan Unger (@bu_username)


Bryan Unger, “Freefall” vector graphic, 2016


July: Good Day RVA

Gallery5 is pleased to present the work of Richmond’s hardest working film collective Good Day RVA. Good Day RVA is a collective of Richmond, VA artists dedicated to capturing live performance music videos that features the city river-soaked, song-in-your-head, covered in alley grit, striving for a cup of coffee. Interweaving digital video with the ghost-story-esque nature of Super 8 film and high-quality audio recordings, Good Day RVA focuses on creating original and exploratory films that showcase Richmond’s diverse local talent. Good Day RVA is an ever evolving and growing project, continuously on the search for capturing the distinctive aesthetic that makes Richmond a flourishing atmosphere of music and art. Fully embracing a collectivist, DIY spirit, GDRVA’s heart and soul derives from the volunteer contributions from some of the area’s most talented and passionate artists.

Good Day RVA



June: Girls Rock RVA

Jennifer Kennedy

Jennifer Kennedy is a Richmond-based artist who primarily draws musicians performing live. You can most often find her in the front row at a crowded venue, drawing in the dark, but you can also find her on Instagram @kennedydraws.
All of Kennedy’s drawings are created within the time of a band’s set. She does not go back later and color them in or “finish” them. Because of the limited time this causes kennedy’s drawings to look chaotic and raw. They capture the live energy of the musician.

March: Triangle, Circle, Square

Andrew Brehm and Jennifer Lauren Smith

Richmond, VA. – Beginning March 3rd, Gallery5 – the historical 5th district former firehouse – will be exhibiting Triangle, Circle, Square. This immersive exhibit launches the Spring art season in the visionary space of Gallery5. There will be a soft opening on Thursday, March 3rd at 7pm followed by a lively First Friday opening from 6pm to 12am on Friday, September 4th. The show continues until March 26th.

New York City-based artists, Andrew Brehm and Jennifer Lauren Smith, will collaborate to create a multi-channel video installation consisting of three video-graphic vignettes. Each vignette depicts a geometric sculpture or shape inserted by the artists into a natural environment, a play on the elements of change in the attempt to collaborate with nature. Each forced juxtaposition of a man-made form and its corresponding element of air, land, or water also generates an independent instrumentation, so that the triptych of visual elements come together as if in a jam session or song. The soundtrack to the work was developed with Brooklyn-based recording artist Luz Fleming.

web trip

Film stills

The project began when both artists attended fall session residencies in Nebraska. Smith, who frequently works in response to landscape and place, was interested in working with the frequent powerful winds ripping through the Great Plains. Brehm often collaborates with the elements and natural processes to create his performance and sculptural works. They worked together to create two lightweight cubes – painted to resemble dice – that blew easily across the farm fields. A severe drought year, the subject of gambling on the land seemed especially fitting to create the material for “square.” The work continued to develop when Smith & Brehm traveled to Florida to include other shapes and environments. The artists worked with stunt water skiers to create pyramidal forms for “triangle” and infiltrated the feral cat colonies in Miami Beach with brightly colored spheres to capture the footage for “circle.”

The work will be presented at Gallery5 as a three-channel video installation projected onto multiple sculptural screens. The footage is arranged rhythmically, to emphasize the implied sound inherent to the movement and cadence of the image.

Gallery5 is a 501c3 Non-Profit in Richmond’s historic Jackson Ward. Triangle, Circle Square is made possible by the donations and purchases made from patrons. For more information contact the curator and director of Gallery5, Nicholas Crider at


Exhibitions 2015

November: Alex Beck

The Candid

The Candid | An exhibition of work from Alex Beck

Gallery5 is pleased to present the award-winning painter and illustrator Alex Beck. Known for his uncommonly versatile work in oil, acrylic, and gouache, his commissions and full-time work range from traditional formal portraits of Malcolm Gladwell to conceptual figurative and landscape painting. Beck’s studio work experience includes working as a concept/production artist for the Oscar/Emmy-winning animation house, Moonbot Studios and production work for The Design Center, Tervis Tumbler and Myachi Entertainment. Currently, Alex commonly exhibits at local Richmond venues and welcomes studio visits. Beck was formally trained at Ringling College of Art and Design, graduating with honors in 2012. He also expanded his training at the Illustration Academy in Kansas City, Missouri, The Masters Class at Amherst, Massachusetts, and The Art League of Alexandria, Virginia where he previously was an instructor.



Abend Gallery, 2015
Torpedo Factory, 2015
30 60 90, Solo Exhibition 2015
Bonfire, 2015
Hillsboro Vineyards, 2013 – 2015
Gallery Underground, Honorable Mention 2014 & 2015
Society of Illustrators, 2011, 2013
Gadzooks, Clothesline Gallery, Solo Exhibition, 2012
Illest of Ill Gallery, 2011, Best in Show 2012
Best of Ringling, 2010, Juror’s Award 2011


Strokes of Genius 5, 2015
Spectrum Fantastic Art Annual #19, 2013
Society of Illustrators student annual, 2011, 2013
Struck, Self Published 2012
Whurk #29, July 2015 *cover image

alex beck


All Saints Theater 10 Year Retrospective


September: Jimmy Joe Roche and Johnston Foster


September 3 – 26, 2015

RARE Gallery, New York and Gallery5 are pleased to present “DIRTY WORK DIRT DOGS,” the first-ever exhibition pairing playful contemporary artists, Jimmy Joe Roche and Johnston Foster. This innovative exhibit launches the fall art season at Gallery5, with a preview on Thursday, September 3, at 6pm, followed by a lively First Friday opening from 6pm to 12am on Friday, September 4.  The show continues until September 26.

Both artists work well outside the frame and explore the raw edges of our consumer culture, but employing quite divergent methods. This exhibition will explore each artist’s unique engagement with the tools of his trade while questioning traditional notions of art-making –  Roche using visceral, digitally manipulated video productions, and Foster utilizing scavenged everyday objects. The unlikely pairing guide viewers into new realms of consciousness by asking them to think about the world they live in new and different ways.

Basment Bleeds-2  

Jimmy Joe Roche, Basement Bleeds, 2009, RT: 1’ 16 (video still)

Roche originally came to national prominence in his role as co-founder of the Baltimore DIY arts collective, Wham City, through his collaborations with electronic-techno musician Dan Deacon, and as a result of posting his provocative videos on YouTube. Roche’s videos on exhibit at Gallery5 continue his multi-faceted engagement with cultural and aesthetic motifs that find their roots in Surrealism, Op art, performance, cinema, meditation, music, and the digital realm. He takes on outlandish characters in vivid costumes and crazed contortions to explore the subversive within our culture. By infusing schizoid, raw, and chaotic qualities in his works, Roche has created conceptual talismans of the collective American unconscious.


Johnston FosterCul-de-sac, 2015, Mixed media found materials, 36” x 55.5” x 13.5”

Foster brings a long-lost sense of hand-craftedness to his sculptures, which are created out of discarded materials like plywood, vinyl flooring, baby pools, plastic trash cans, vacuum hoses, plastic table cloths, vinyl, racket balls, marbles, and screws. He finds this detritus strewn across highway medians, tossed into dumpsters, and abandoned in alleys, collects and archives it, and fashions it into hybrid creatures of vivid color and breadth of expression. His work is both an absorbing exploration of the life cycle of consumer goods and a compelling demonstration of deft art-making.

Jimmy Joe Roche is an interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses video, sculpture, and performance. Screenings of his work have taken place at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, J. Paul Getty Museum, Rojo@Nova, and the Museum of the Moving Image. Roche has had five solo exhibitions in New York, Texas, and Colorado. His artwork is in the permanent collection at the Baltimore Museum of Art and 21c Museum. He has created commissioned works for Adult Swim, Dazed and Confused Magazine, Incubate Arts Festival, and Harvestworks. Numerous publications have featured his works, including The New Museum’s “Younger Than Jesus” Artist Directory. He is faculty at the Johns Hopkins University Film and Media Department, where he teaches Introduction and Intermediate Digital Film Production.  Roche also teaches Moving Image 1 and Experimental Film at the Maryland Institute College of Art Film and Video Department.  He is represented by RARE Gallery in New York City and Erin Cluley Gallery in Dallas, TX. He received his BFA, Film Conservatory, at S.U.N.Y. Purchase College, Purchase, NY, and his MFA at Mt. Royal School of Art, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD.

Johnston Foster’s sculptures have been collected by 21C Museum, Louisville, Kentucky; the Chaney Family Collection, Houston, Texas; Jean Pigozzi, Geneva, Switzerland; the Rubell Family Collections, Miami, Florida; Jim Martin, Washington, DC; Howard Tullman, Chicago & New York; and Glenn Close & David Shaw, New York & Maine. Foster has participated in numerous exhibitions at various institutions, including PS1 Contemporary Art Center (now MoMA PS1), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Brigham Young University Museum of Art, University Galleries at Illinois State University, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, The Torrance Art Museum, Kidspace/MASS MoCA, Randolph Macon College, Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, and Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville. This past April, a documentary on the artist filmed by Red Bull premiered on Foster received his BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and his MFA from Hunter College.  He is represented by RARE Gallery, New York.

Johnston Foster

Dirty Work Dirt Dogs is curated by Nicholas Crider.

Written by: Ted Elmore

For additional press images or other information, contact Nicholas Crider at (804) 510-0488 or



August: Drum Baby an Exhibition Curated by GULL

Longtime local musical hero, Nathaniel Rappole of Gull, will be stopping in at Gallery5 to curate an exhibition revolving around the drum. This upcoming exhibition will feature over 16 artists handpicked by the one-man band and you can expect to see some of the whimsical, abstract, vibrant, nightmare-esque and modern folk qualities that one might experience at a performance from Gull.

Haleh Pedram
Travis Robertson
Max Hubenthal
Melissa Roberts & Levon Micou
Kim Zitzow
TJ Huff
Johnston Foster
Sandy Batts
Bonnie Staley
Adam Juresko
Tyler Thomas
Michael Ricioppo
Lindsey Standish
Garyt Shiflett
Anna Vanneman
Taylor Baldwin


Taylor Baldwin

McColloch 3-25 chainsaw, aluminum, sawdust paste, epoxy paint, machine screws, plaster, acrylic, urethane resin, urethane glue, pigment, straight pins, carpet foam, masonry line, branches, plexiglass, magic sculpt, steel, sculptamold, water putty, cardboard recreation of a McColloch 3-25 chainsaw, rough-hewn log, wood glue, chip board, bloodwood, lignum vitae, particle board tabletop, glass, concrete, screws, HD monitor, media player, amplifier, amplifier case, audio cable, electrical components, handle bar grips, chainsaw roll bar, every piece of surviving material from the work

126” x 144” x 96”


Artist have shown with MoMA PSI (Johnston Foster), Kim Foster Gallery (Taylor Baldwin), Urban Outfitters HQ (Adam Juresko) and Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art (Kim Zitzow) just to name a few.

Gull has been in a frenzy to perform around the world and has tweaked his performance in streets. We are proud to present this oddball and his tastes in contemporary art.




July: Dollar Tren

Work by:
Cameron Robinson
Seychelle Stableford
Egbert Vongmalaithong
Charles Peele
Julia Hundley
Kristin Walsh
Noelle Choy
Rachel Ludwig

Life in the suburbs is painful. The midpoint between vibrant city life and peaceful country life is paved with strange purgatories. The struggle between surviving and thriving is perspective. “Dollar Tren”, named for a local discount store, is a collection of works by artists reflecting on suburban life and youth culture. Topics like smartphones, strip malls and teen celebrities provide a base point for distillation. Rather than simply satirize, the artists search to find connecting points between themselves, their neighbors, and their environment.



June: Dating in the Afterlife and Paperwork

Dating in the Afterlife will feature the work of Sean Sweeney and Miles Washington.

“My recent artwork is about the exploration of two polar ideas relating to myself in an autobiographical sense. The ideas are represented in two separate sets of paintings.

2015-01-06 20.04.28-2

The first set being my collage paintings that are about the process of influence and creation as well as visual aesthetics. These paintings introduce the viewer to a dense visual field filled collaged photo “samples” consisting of wooden objects, fabrics and other textural pieces.
These elements come together to form a sculptural framework for the rest of the painting to be built upon.

The second set of paintings are more design oriented and utilize a self-made set of symbols used to depict the more concrete aspects of my personality. The symbols often denote things like, what I know to be true about myself, and traits associated with my astrological sign. The visual field in this set is uncluttered and uses similar aspects to ancient hieroglyphs.


I feel that these two separate approaches offer a unique contrast and allow the viewer a glimpse into my personal space. The first set operating on a more emotionally charged level and the second set introduces a more esoteric and abstract vision of the self.” – Miles Washington

“My interdisciplinary practice focuses on lightness and gravity, seeking to create poetic moments of objects appearing to be simultaneously floating and subject to the pull of gravity. While traveling in destitute areas, I became intrigued with a variety of found objects in deteriorated spaces. This discovery led me to further consider their original ready-made commercial state and the possibility of manipulating the material in order to create moments of pause in time and space. Materials I use have been altered, and while some are no longer recognizable, others are left in a raw state. The alterations aestheticize the materials with a balance of elegant crudeness creating a dichotomy that draws the viewer in.” – Sean Sweeney



The upstairs back gallery space will exhibit “Think Inside The Box,” a show by 14 year-old Jarred Barr. In his second gallery show, Jarred displays his colorful mixed media drawings on paper that showcase characters inspired by small details in real life experiences that are embellished by his elaborate imagination. In one piece, Jarred’s “Rat In The Hat” character – created while on a trip to NYC – visits the world of Alice in Wonderland. Other characters are brought to life through the lyrics of songs, quotes and interactions in Walmart.


Jarred Barr is a 14 year-old whose art interests began at an early age. As a home-educated student, he has taken art classes and summer camp classes at Petersburg Area Art League, but he’s also been able to learn by working alongside local artists who have encouraged his growth and interests. He enjoys lettering, pen and ink drawing, painting and collaborating with other artists.

Sponsored by Relay Foods and


April: Gallery5 10 Year Anniversary

Gallery5 celebrated its 10th year in existence with an array of performances as well as iconic imagery and an interactive installation from Dave Watkins.



March: Daniel Calder

Daniel Calder is a painter, installation, and conceptual artist living in Glen Allen, Virginia. He earned his MFA in 1990 from Virginia Commonwealth University. Daniel is a recipient of a grant from the Virginia Commission for the Arts and a VMFA Fellowship. He has accepted commissions by the City of Richmond and the Washington Project for the Arts. Daniel’s work appears in numerous private and corporate collections and has been featured in various publications including Artpapers, Washingtonian, Style Weekly, Richmond Magazine, and the Richmond Times Dispatch.


Blackboards are not typically a vehicle for personal expression. More commonly, they are used to disseminate knowledge to a broader audience. They are a window to specialized information – an educational tool. The blackboards in this series serve both functions. They feature elements from our civic memory and act as a receptacle for the thoughts, feelings, or perhaps even indiscretions of viewers. I am providing the first half of an equation and inviting the visitors to finish the experience – blurring the line between artist, art, and audience.


In this series – the blackboard icon is used to reexamine some of what we know about some of our most familiar historical figures, myths, and cultural phenomena. Our understanding of which should not stop at elementary school.

The impetus for this series is my own sense of confusion when confronted with the discord between what we are taught and what seems to be the case. Or perhaps what we are not taught – our selective collective memory. It seems to run parallel to our individual efforts to control the story of our own lives and personas. My images are intended to use some humor and discord to encourage the viewer to reconsider…everything. Though the preexisting images are permanent, chalk and erasers can be provided for viewers to add or take away from the information – rewriting history or providing their own. In the end, even in the gallery setting – not even the artist’s voice will have the last say.

Sponsored by My Glasses Rule:

Vanishing Act


Vanishing Act, wood, paint, ink, chalk, 2014


February First Friday: Grlz Night Exhibition and In Protest

Gallery5 is pleased to present a group exhibition of new works by members of the Richmond-based Grlz Night Gang art collective. “Grlz Night” will run from February 5th, 2015 – February 23rd, 2015 with an opening reception First Friday, February 6th from 6-11 p.m. The opening reception will also function as a zine release party for the Grlz Night Gang 2nd quarterly zine.

Grlz Night Gang is an open collective aiming to create encouraging spaces for under/misrepresented individuals. The collective aims to make make things together, host events around Richmond, and print a quarterly zine to exhibit the group’s many talents. The collective is open for any interested parties to join.

“Grlz Night” will showcase an eclectic mix of new works from collective members, including paintings, prints, photography, and performance art.

“Grlz Night” will run through February 23rd, 2015. The artists will be present at the opening reception Friday, February 6th from 6:00 – 11 p.m. Gallery5 open hours are Thursdays and Saturdays 11– 5, and by appointment.

sling love

Molly Fair, Self-Preservation: An Act of Warfare, Screen Print 2015

rachel livingston

Rachel Livingston, 8 of Swords, Lithographic Monoprint 2015

In Protest 
Is activism alive in Richmond? These images show residents taking to the streets to voice their support for a variety of causes during the mid-20th to early-21st centuries. From civil rights and religion to city infrastructure and animal welfare, countless issues compel Richmonders to take to the streets in protest.
Presented by The Valentine


Exhibitions 2014


December: William Pickett

Gallery5 presents ART – SHOW! To open Thursday Dec. 4th, and continue on Dec. 5th in conjunction with the RVAFirstFridays. The upstairs gallery will feature a retrospective collection of paintings by Richmond artist and sign painter, William Pickett. The likes of his steady hand can be seen upon businesses such as Halcyon Vintage and New York Deli, and as murals on the James River flood wall and the former GRTC bus depot on Cary Street. Outside of his commercial work, Pickett’s oeuvre extends to a large body of whimsical painting and sculpture that recalls the sign’s formality and function.

In conjunction with Pickett’s artworks, we have put together an all-star bill of Richmond bands and musicians for a ThrowbackThursday/Flashback Friday line up! Thursday Dec. 4th:

**Thing2–FIRST EVER APPEARANCE– Barry Fitzgerald (of Single Bullet Theory) and Johnny Hott (of House of Freaks/Gutterball/Sparklehorse)
**Rebby Sharp (of the Orthotonics)
**Titfield Thunderbolt

Friday Dec. 5th:
**Bruce Olsen (of Bruce Olsen and the Offenders)
**surprise guests (of the next generation…).

The downstairs Gallery will feature a vintage print exhibit of Richmond Graphics show posters that have been collected by these musicians and their friends. These posters were printed in the 1970’s and 80’s to promote bands from Richmond’s music community. The majority of these prints are from the personal collections of Michael Maurice Garrett and Tom “Z” Zimmerman.

A new exhibit from The Valentine  entitled RVA Electric will be on display in the back gallery space.





An exhibition of new work from:

New work from:
Chen Wang
Christian Gregory
Brooke Inman
Ian Gamble
Olivia Lewis
Jesse Burrowes



Carnival of 5 Fires 2014


Josh Jackson (Side-show portraits and audio installation)
Renee Stramel ( “Cabinet of Curiosities” photo series)
Abigail Larson (original illustrations)
Steven Warrick (masks, totems, illustrations)
Autumn Haynes ( 4 original illustrations)
Brit Austin (original illustrations)
Nicole Pisaniello (original illustrations)
Jean-Baptiste Stowell (original carnival-inspired paintings)
Lady Octavia (original collage illustrations, misc curiosities)



New Works from:
Andrew Brehm:
Luke Harman
Nicholas Crider:
Spencer Lee Erickson





Communication Arts Senior Show



Gallery5 and RVAMAG’s 9th Year Anniversary




Artists include:

Todd Hale
Sean Sweeney
Julie Hinzmann
Shawn Saharko
Kylie Lockwood
Jeff Evarts
Young Hwan Yoo
Erin Willett
Clayton Smith

Lucid Phoenix Showing

Jennifer Ring

Matthew Kovacs



Feels Good

Group Art Show at Gallery5

Featuring works by
Jess Norris
Christian Gregory
Emily Anne Hall
Amy Smith
Chris Page
Lizzie Sampson
Daniel Crawford



Exhibitions 2013


Hard Copies

New works from:

Caleb Flood

Ian Gamble

Pvlivia Lewis

Robert Saltonstall

Jaclyn Cummings

Opening reception Friday December 6th 5pm-9pm



2012 Main Gallery


Self Abuse: Works by Adam Juresko


Screens ‘n Suds Annual Benefit and Exhibition


PLF Presents: Visuals


&@$#! An Exhibition of Comic Artists


These Boots Art Made for Walking
An Night to Celebrate Feminism & Women’s Rights in Virginia


Weapons of Mass Change
Part of Art Whino’s G40 Summit


With Signs Following: Works by Kate Fowler & Mark Strandquist


Invisible Weight: A series of paintings by Sean Mahan

2012 Crafts Gallery


Works by Erin Toby

2011 Main Gallery

November 2011

Disarmingly Modern: Works by Ned Fry

October 2011

Illustrations by: Abigail Larson and Jonathan Smith

August 2011

AugustFest: A Taste of Virginia Microbrews

June 2011

Skull-A-Day: The Exhibition Curated by: Noah Scalin and Phil Chaney

May 2011

Disrobed III: Cause & Effect

March – April 2011

Fleeting Terrain: Works by: Hon Eui Chen, Scott Hocking, Ana Esteve Llorens, Oscar Santillan
Curated by Joseph Whitfield

January – February 2011

Papier Machete: A National Juried Exhibition surveying innovations in paper and fiber media. Featuring Works by: Sher Christopher, Jessica Heikes, Marc Leone, Ginger Metzger, Sara Schneckloth, Matthew Shlian, This Is It Collective and Carey Voss
Juried by: Aaron McIntosh, Richard Waller & Amie Oliver

2011 Craft Gallery

November 2011

Screen and Suds: Original prints by a selection of artists across the country

October 2011

Pin Pals: A World-Wide Button Exchange

August 2011

Enigmages: Works by Chris Visions

April 2011

Tailz of Mice and Dawg Men: Works by Vicki Bruner

March 2011

Works by Henry Winfiele

2011 Community Gallery Space

November 2011

A Vision Clinic Exhibition by Art on Wheels and Children Incorporated

October 2011

Growing Community: A Benefit Exhibition for Shalom Farms

June 2011

Girls Rock RVA: A Benefit Exhibition

April 2011

Fish Market: A Benefit Exhibition of works by John Bryan

March 2011

Paraiso: A documentary photography exhibit to benefit Virginia Commonwealth University’s
HOMBRE organization

February 2011

Defaced: Works by Bizhan Khodabandeh

2010 Main Gallery

September 2010

Self Titled: Original Album Cover Art from Artists and Bands from the East Coast. Featuring Sean Mahan, Brandon Evans,  Jim Callahan, Ryan McLennan, Erin Tobey, Adam Juresko and others.

June -July 2010

Natural InConclusion: Works by Jason Lanka and Joe Meiser

April 2010

Due Process: An educational exhibit showcasing the many processes of printmaking.

Featuring works by: Deberah Chaney, Robert Brown, Beth Grabowski, Kevin Haas, Keith Howard, Martha Oatway, Andrea Olson, Kevin Orlosky, Judith O’Rourke, Justin Rice, Deepa Swanson, Dan Weldon, Team8 Press
Curated by: Kevin Orlosky

January 2010

Say Love: An exhibition of Love and Hate
Presented by Gallery5, Gay RVA and The Say Love Theater Project


2009 Main Gallery

December 2009

Prospective Terrain: Works by Sandra Doore and Emily Beverage

September 2009

Embedded Narrative: Works by Elka Amorim, Isobel Milena (Collaboration between: Catherine Furman Brooks  and Tamara Cervenka)

May 2009

Repressed IV: May Day  An exhibition of worker’s rights. Curated by

February 2009

Sleight of Hand 2: A National Juried Contemporary Craft Exhibition

2008 Main Gallery

March 2008

Repressed III: An Exhibition of Socially Conscious Works

January 2008

I Dream of a Richmond… A Campaign to give voice to the people of Richmond.

December 2008

Sleight of Hand: A National Juried Contemporary Craft Show

2007 Main Gallery

June 2007

Disrobed 2: The Connection: A visual, performance and installation art exhibition featuring the living nude figure.

May 2007

Gateway Asia: A month long festival featuring the art, culture, and history of Asia.
Featuring works by Nathalie Pham, Erjun Zhao & Lucien Dulfan

March 2007

Repressed II: Statement-based works on paper

February 2007

A Separate Piece: A sculpture exhibition featuring works by Adam Caldwell, Annie B. Campbell, Jennifer Carson, Rachel Dunavant, Malcolm Majer, Andreas Rittmeyer and Terry Wolfe.

2006 Main Gallery

November 2006

Mending Fences: A month long festival featuring the art, culture, and history of Russia.

2005 Main Gallery

June 2007

Disrobed 2: The Connection: A visual, performance and installation art exhibition featuring the living nude figure.