Current Exhibitions

January 2017: Nick Candela, Toma! Toma! Toma!


On view January 5-28, 2017

Soft Opening: Thursday, January 5th from 6-9pm

First Friday Opening Party: Friday, January 6th from 6-12pm
featuring music from Pete Curry, Red Feather, and Fuzz Queen

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On view during gallery open hours (Wednesdays 4-10 and Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 11-5, weekly) and by appointment through January 28th.

Gallery5 is thrilled to present Toma! Toma! Toma!, a show of large-scale acrylic paintings by artist Nick Candela. The show comprises work from Candela’s 2016 Savannah College of Art and Design MFA Painting thesis. 


Thick Skinned, 2016

Candela’s work, comprised of re-assembled appropriated images, is a rumination on social structures, generalizations, and the stereotypes used as meaning is constructed. Images that are ordinarily scanned over are studied with intent in their layered replication here. Sometimes, their banality is revealed and other times they resonate with new and unintended meanings. Relationships between familiar yet unidentifiable subjects approach cohesion but ultimately resist definition. What we have come to know as predictable consistencies or the “sure things” of everyday life are thereby emphasized.

The works of David Salle, Robert Rauschenberg, and Robert Heinecken all serve as conceptual points of departure. Through a collage-like layering of painted images, Candela is able to reorient foreground and background, develop illogical spatial relationships, and force inconsistencies in scale. These pictures quote the seemingly familiar and come to stand in for language. Existing somewhere between known and unknown, the mire of these figures and their contexts signify the gauntlet of our prolific visual culture, and coalesce with our innate desire to construct new situations that suit our own predispositions. We can, and will only assume.


Sour Grapes, 2016

The work for this exhibition consists of large scale acrylic paintings rife with layers of figures and objects that have been drawn and painted at varying degrees of completion. These incomplete layers present the images at different speeds, but also force the viewer to rely on generalizations and conjectural hot-spots when inferring meaning. The notion of viewer-as-author is certainly germane to unearthing these, but just as important is the idea that the reader’s interpretation is, in fact, a product of his or her community. Ultimately, then, any meaning that is constructed by the viewer is mediated by his or her own understanding and application of the language that is bestowed upon them by the community at large. With each mediation, information becomes less specific while the images remain recognizable.


All and Sundry, 2016

Candela, A Michigan native, has shown work in galleries across the country. He holds a Master’s degree in Studio Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University and is a recent graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design Master’s Painting program. His work can be found online at

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