Current Exhibitions

PLF Presents “Visuals 2” a multi-media, group art show!


We are entering the last year of our tweens! What a wild ride it’s been and we are so grateful for all the support, love and patronage over the years.

On First Friday, April 7th we celebrate 12 years of being a diverse hub for all types of creatitivy and walks of life.

For “Visuals 2” we have given out $600 worth of art grants as well as put together a multi-media, group art show which includes paintings, prints, drawings, collage, photography, video installation, sculpture, live painting, puppetry, song and performances.

Congrats to the PLF “Visuals 2” Art Grant winners!

*Annie Peace and Reginald Conyers*

“Reflections” is a large kaleidoscope built for a change of perspective, perhaps to see the magic in everyday things.”

*All the Saints Theater Company/Ghost Gathering/Ali Warters*

“A collaboration between All the Saints Theater Company and The Ghost Gathering. A haunting singing ceremony with tributes to the 12 foot tall Grandma Moon Puppet with celestial moon/sun masks, choreographed performances and glow in the dark hand painted humans by the lovely Ali Warters.”

*Tiffany Machler “Devious Little Doors”

“This is a wall built to support a Miriad of doors. Each door is specifically made to contain Its subject and each one is either one or multiple nudes.”

Other “Visuals 2” artists:

Charles Berger

Amanda BeatKitty Bociek

Faith Broache

Levar CarterNick Crider

Nick Crider

Ellie Gill

Grey Hash

Ashton Hill

Simon Leake

Jane Marie

Michael NightTime

Bryan Unger

Steven Warrick

Todd Raviotta

John Reinhold

Katie Reinhold

Courtney Elizabeth Stowell

Claude Marin Dustin Fenton

Izzy Pezzulo

Scott Yates

March & April 2017: Photos by Wes McQuillen, Y’all Are So Fab


Wes McQuillen

On view March 3-April 28, 2017

Gallery5 is thrilled to present Y’all Are So Fab, a show of photography from local artist Wes McQuillen. The show consists of a series of queer pin-up photos, a selection of shots from McQuillen’s extensive documentation of queer parties in Richmond over the last decade, and a curated display of related accoutrement from McQuillen’s personal collection. The show will be on view during gallery open hours (Wednesdays 4-10 and Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 11-5, weekly) and by appointment through April 28th.


Wes McQuillen

McQuillen has been documenting the Richmond scene for years, and has been the go-to photographer for events like Animal, a monthly queer dance party. In addition to his work as an event photographer, McQuillen pursues more conceptual bodies of work, such as the series of queer pin-up photos that will be on display in Y’all Are So Fab. In this series, McQuillen worked with queer-identified models to create images that made them feel sexy and empowered. The series is ‘queer’ in both subject and execution – the models all identify as queer, but the body of work also queers the archetype of the traditional pin-up by featuring strength, racial diversity, and gender nonconformity.


Wes McQuillen

Through his work as a photographer, McQuillen acts as a very colorful mirror, catching his subjects at their best and brightest; his photos aim to capture discrete moments in full color and action. Through his photography, McQuillen works to put people on a pedestal, to empower them, and to put the spotlight on them. Using photography to uplift his queer community is the most important element of McQuillen’s work, and renders his photos with an inherent politicalization that gives his fun, joyful images a depth and resonance that inspires contemplation.


Wes McQuillen

McQuillen’s work can be found online at For additional press images or other information, contact Claude Marin Fenton at (804) 510-0488 or