200 W. Marshall St.
Richmond, Virginia 23220

(804) 510-0488

Hours of Operation

Wednesdays 4-10, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 11AM-5PM
All other hours by appointment only.

For rentals, formal exhibition proposals, internships, and other inquiries please email:

Please note that we only accept submissions that include a formal proposal. Any submissions sent without this information will be disregarded. Guidelines for this proposal can be found here: Gallery5 Exhibit

Please also note that any inquires sent through any other format or medium other than emails provided here will be disregarded.


Rental rates start at 1200.00. Please note this before contacting our rentals manager.



For booking music please email:




Guidelines for booking events: 


We are a 501 c3 Non Profit that does a wide array of activities. While we do book some music shows we cannot host as many music shows as a normal “venue” would.


Thank you for your interest in booking a show at Gallery5! Here are a few guidelines to booking:

-Gallery5 has a curfew of 11pm Sunday thru-Thursday and 12am Friday and Saturday. There is no exception to these time frames.

-No more than 3 bands are allowed on any weeknight bill and no more than 4 bands on any weekend bill. This means it is highly unlikely for us to book two out of town touring bands on the same bill.

-The price and schedule must be planned before announcing.

-ALL ticket sales are to go through Gallery5. Tickets will only be available via Gallery5’s eventbrite and our staff at the door.

-Load in is 630PM, doors/sound tech are 7PM and the show starts at 8PM. If you would like different time frames please ask. (Our percentage and sound fees may go up).

-Gallery5 provides all staff. You may not run sound, watch the door or run the bar.

-If Gallery5 is hosting your show this does not mean we should be considered the promoter. You and the bands you are booking are solely responsible for promotion. Make fliers, post on tumblr, promote on Facebook and talk about the show! That being said we will help promote once you provide us with the details (flier and a blurb).

-If promotional materials are not sent two weeks in advance we retain the right to cancel said show.

-Gallery5 is not responsible for any gear left behind.

-The door deal at Gallery5:
-$130 OR 30% to Gallery5, whichever is greater.
If this is a fundraiser for an approved 501 c3 NFP then the split is $130 vs 25% whichever is greater.
-If you would like a sound check the rate becomes $150 vs 30%.

-This means you need to make 130$ BEFORE any performer/promoter receives anything. If you do not think your show will make AT LEAST this much you should reconsider having your show at Gallery5.

-Anyone/entity paid more than $600.00 during a fiscal year will receive a 1099 (you are liable for your taxes).

We look forward to working with you!